EP 55: It’s All in the Delivery: Breaking Bad News to Patients - How To Do It (Part 2)

No one likes delivering bad news. But delivering bad news is a reality most doctors must navigate every day. Doctors who learn to do it well can carry patients through the most difficult days of their lives. Doctors who do it poorly wreak havoc. Dr. Anthony Orsini, an experienced neonatologist and creator of The Orsini Way, has mastered the art of delivering bad news. We spoke to Dr. Orsini at length. His insights are invaluable. Dr. Orsini hosts his own podcast, Difficult Conversations: Lessons I Learned as an ICU Physician, on his website, The Orsini Way. Contact Dr. Orsini via his website, The Orsini Way, or via email at drorsini@theorsiniway.com.

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