EP 43: How Powerhouse Law Firm ByrdAdatto Protects Doctors with NO Hourly Billing (Part 2)

Michael Byrd and Brad Adatto are partners at the ByrdAdatto law firm. Medical Justice Founder and CEO, Dr. Jeff Segal, is also a partner. ByrdAdatto is a legal powerhouse in the healthcare niche. Michael and Brad understand doctors viscerally. Not only because of their training and client-base but because they are children of physicians.

Today, we discuss what doctors need to know to protect themselves from expected and unexpected medico-legal mayhem - and why smart doctors with good intentions still end up in prison.

Every doctor is exposed to different medico-legal risks. The law as it pertains to medicine is rarely black and white. ByrdAdatto guides doctors through the black, the white, and the grey with expert counsel.

And the best part? They do all this with NO hourly billing. Michael Byrd and Brad Adatto host their own podcast – the Legal 123s with ByrdAdatto. Listen and subscribe on your favorite podcast platforms like Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle, and YouTube.

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