EP 60: Pregnant Patient + False HIV Diagnosis + Inept Delivery = Trainwreck (Part 1)

In January 2017, a husband and wife applied for life insurance. The wife was pregnant. Part of the application process required them to complete a blood test. The blood test indicated the wife was HIV positive. When this news was delivered to the patient in front of her husband, the patient vomited. When she demanded an explanation, the practice insinuated her husband was participating in an extra-marital affair.

The lab result was ultimately deemed a false positive. The husband and wife sued, the practice, alleging the practice's negligence inflicted undue emotional distress. The lawsuit also stated that even if the woman WAS HIV positive, this information should not have been casually revealed in the presence of her husband. A defense verdict was delivered - meaning the doctor/practice prevailed. What can we learn? Our podcast has the details.

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